Muslim World League condemns California Synagogue Shooting

Muslim World League condemns California Synagogue Shooting
Muslim World League condemns California Synagogue Shooting

Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa condemns California Synagogue Shooting, announcing the Muslim world League demand of protecting followers of different religions as well as their houses of worship.

Al-Issadenounced California Synagogue Shooting and all the previous terrorist crimesincluding shooting two mosques in New Zealand and churches in SriLanka, highlighting that terrorism doesn't belong to any religion, offering condolences to a number of Jewish religiousleaders in New York.

He stressed that evil powers are active in the absenceof the influential role of good powers in terms of their humanitarian andintellectual values, which reflect wisdom and moderation,

He pointed out the importance of protecting the followers of different religions and their houses of worship and not to disparage them, underlining that the religious slogans worth to be respected and not to practice any method of provocation and excitement towards any of them.

On the other hand, Al-Issa signed an agreement with RabbiArthur Schneier, the Founder and President of the Appeal of ConscienceFoundation and Senior Rabbi of Park East Synagogue on Monday to unite theirefforts for the protection of religious sites around the world, emphasize theimportance of religions followers to cooperate in confronting extremism,violence, and hatred, and assert that such acts only represent the extremistsand terrorists, as well as highlight the importance of the complete distinctionbetween religions and politics and that any religion in its abstractidentification and description doesn't adopt any political direction.

The agreement comes to affirm the concordant message of the Muslim World League in face of all methods of extremism and defeat the perpetrators of strife; where it stresses the importance of understanding that Allah who created us different and diversity and distancing religion from any passive exploitation or political slogans.

It's noteworthy that the Islamic World League has recently been active in the face of the extremism voices through many international initiatives and conferences targeting the communication and dialogue with the followers of different religions and cultures, including its initiative towards the Holocaust, when it confirmed its condemnation of this crime, noting that its moral situation does not carry any political connotations, because the league does not engage in any political action, according to its vision, mission, and objectives.

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