Kuwait official news agency hacked

Kuwait official news agency hacked

The Kuwait News Agency's (KUNA) official Twitter page was hackedon Wednesday, and a report alleging that US troops were withdrawing fromCamp Arifjan in Kuwait is false, KUNA said.

In a recently deleted tweet, the agency said that Kuwait'sdefense minister had announced that he received an official letter from thecommander-in-chief of Camp Arifjan in Kuwait declaring the imminent withdrawalof all US military forces in three days.

KUNA then published a report saying that Kuwait DefenseMinister Ahmed Mansoor al-Ahmad al-Sabah said that receiving such letter fromCamp Arifjan was unexpected.

"We are communicating with US Department of Defense for moredetails and information," the agency had quoted Kuwait's defense minister assaying.

There are an estimated 13,000 US troops stationed in Kuwait.

Thefalse report comes after Iraq's parliament asked US troops to leave the countryfollowing the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. US Defense SecretaryMark Esper said they would not be leaving the country after a letter leakedsaying that the US military was preparing its "movement out of Iraq."

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Kuwait said in a statement the US is committed tothe security of Middle East ally Kuwait, following Iranian missile attacks onUS-led forces in neighboring Iraq.

"That has not changed and will not change. The US Embassy inKuwait continues to operate normally," the embassy said.

The statement gave no mention of the earlier false reports aboutthe US withdrawing troops from Kuwait.

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