Hanan Al-Thubaiti dreams of participating in the Olympics

Hanan Al-Thubaiti dreams of participating in the Olympics
Hanan Al-Thubaiti dreams of participating in the Olympics

Saudi athlete Hanan Al-Thubaiti has a dream. And it is to wear the Saudi colors with distinction in the Olympics. So, she is passionately following a dedicated path to achieve this aim.

Female athlete Thubaiti disclosed to Okaz that she developed a love for sports from childhood, and began practicing with some friends in the area where she lived.

Though they experienced some difficulties while performing daily exercises; due to the lack of sufficient space to exercise, we all overcame that.

She said: "I faced many difficulties, but I overcame them with persistence, determination, perseverance and my passion for sports."

Hanan Al-Thubaiti added that she has many big goals, "most important of which is to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the best way and uphold the Saudi flag in international competitions; including the Olympic Games, along with the Saudi national team."

Hanan Al-Thubaiti revealed that her dream is to reach the level of the Moroccan female runner Nawwal Al-Mutawakkil; who she considers her role model. She added that sports were not quite popular among women during previous years; but today many girls are chasing their dreams in sports.

She added: "Currently, there is a high turnout and sportswomen have a bright future, God willing. However, women's sports lack training and coaches such that women could qualify to high levels and compete with the best in different disciplines."

She also mentioned that the training of men athletes has reached excellent levels. We are also proud of their current achievements in the international games and Olympic competitions.

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