Falcon Breeding.. The local Inheritance that is never outdated


Falcon breeding has always been of a great passion of the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia that originally lies in a key migratory route for various bird species, was listed by UNESCO as one of the 11 top countries as home to many species of falcon.

  • Saudis and the Falcons… arelation of an interest, passion, wealth, and sometimes a family tradition.

An entire Saudi family,from the ancestors to the grandchildren, who lives in the South of Ha'il,is locally-known for its interest in breeding and reproducing falcons. For manyyears, houses of this family have never been empty of different and rare speciesof falcons, to later turn their hobby into a specialized farm in reproducing rarefalcon species and employ all of their experiences and potential in providingthe necessary needs of medicine and food for these falcons. From an early age,each young individual of this family owns a falcon of his own and is raised tolove falcons and professionally deal with them. None of them would get out fora walk without his own falcon that has been in his accompany for decades, theywould even compete with each other on whose falcon is the fastest and thestrongest. In the season of hunting, all the family members, even thegrandchildren, move to the desert to find new species and grow their propertyof falcons. Moreover, they repeatedly travel to add new species as much aspossible to theirs.

Out of Saudi Arabia's growing interest in falcons as a localwealth along with the aim of preserving the national heritage, promoting thetraditional events, and raising young Saudis to feel proud about their local cultureand traditions, the Saudi FalconsClub hold the first Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition in Saudi Arabia inRiyadh last December. Besides, launching the King Abdul Aziz Falconry Festivalin the town of Malham, north of Riyadh, last January. Such events areconsidered a perfect forum where falcon fans and breeders can exchange their experience and knowledge.

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