Establishing the Red Sea Museum, Bab Al Banat in Historic Jeddah

Establishing the Red Sea Museum, Bab Al Banat in Historic Jeddah
Establishing the Red Sea Museum, Bab Al Banat in Historic Jeddah

The Saudi Ministry of Culture announced the establishment of the Red Sea Museum; which will open its doors in 2020, in Bab Al Banat in the Historic Jeddah.

The ministry says the museum will include manuscripts, photos, and books; which tell the story of the Bab Al-Bunt's heritage. Besides, demonstrating its role as a historic point of contact between residents of the Red Sea Coast and the world. In addition to being a major attraction for pilgrims, merchants, and tourists to the city of Jeddah.

The Ministry of Culture envisions the Red Sea Museum celebrating the cultural value of the Red Sea Coast by focusing on stories of maritime navigation; trade; geology; pilgrimage; and diversity; and other unique cultural aspects that have shaped the identities of Jeddah, Makkah, as well as Madinah throughout history.

The museum will contain more than 100 creative artworks, as well as present about four temporary annual exhibitions.

The museum will showcase more than 100 artworks, host four temporary annual exhibitions and organize educational programs for all age groups.

Blend of humanity and cultural richness

The Red Sea Museum embodies the kingdom's new art scene, as it speaks to the blend of humanity and cultural richness of those making Hajj and Umrah's journeys, and the early tales of engagement between different people from all nationalities, with all their traditions, customs, appearances. It is also a window to the beauty of the coastal cities across the Red Sea Coast. In addition to their history and traditions, cultural influence; with Bab Al Bunt and Historic Jeddah embodying that influence.

The Red Sea Museum is part of Vision 2030 initiative Specialty Museums, which falls under a series of initial initiatives that include other projects for museums that will be launched throughout the kingdom, covering a variety of creative and historic fields; including modern museums that invest in contemporary art techniques and methods, and historic, heritage, and cultural museums

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