BORN A KING… world film documenting Al-Faisal’s journey to Britain 100 years ago

The Film Stars
The Film Stars

By the end of September, "Born a King" will be shown in Saudi movie theatres. BORN A KING is a British-Spanish extraordinary real life-based film directed by Agustí Villaronga.

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BORN A KING deals with King Faisal's journey to Britain in 1919 with his warrior father, King Abdulaziz, when he was just 13 years old—a journey that changed the course of history.

BORN A KING was filmed in London and Al-Azhariya, directed by the Spanish Agustí Villaronga, and co-written the story as a lead author, the Saudi novelist Badr Al-Samari. Ray Lorega and Henry Fritz participated in writing the film story.

BORN A KING is the first Saudi film of a joint world production, between Saudi Arabia, Britain, and Spain. Filming commenced in July 2017.

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The film stars are Hermione Corfield, Ed Screen, Lawrence Fox, and James Fleet, as well as a Saudi child depicted King Faisal, the Indian young man Abdullah Ali and the Saudi actor Rakan Abdul-Wahid. More than 80 young Saudis participated in the film as well.

It is mentioned that the film was privately shown twice, in Saudi Arabia, in the presence of a group of intellectuals, media professionals, and diplomats from inside and outside Saudi Arabia in last March and April.

BORN A KING tells how King Faisal had guided his country with wisdom and courage and how his historical positions and initiatives had a profound and pivotal impact on various issues at the national, regional and international levels.

BORN A KING will help introducing the emerging generations to King Faisal as a model for the historical leader, who spent his life in the service of his compatriots and his country's renaissance.

BORN A KING tells that King Faisal was raised by an education-interested family, he learned a lot of his father, the founder King Abdulaziz, and he represented his father and his country at many important conferences and events, beginning with meeting the invitation of King George V to visit London at his thirtieth to the victorious Allies' invitation in World War I of the Peace Conference in Paris.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker Andres Gomez expressed his delight at the film's production, saying the project was a long thought and dream that could not have been achieved until 2015 when he met Prince Turki al-Faisal.

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