AZ-Zulfi: The City of Charm Defeats Terrorism on its Thresholds


AZ-Zulfi, where the scent of the ancient history and the beauty of the geographical nature genuinely gather, frustrated the useless attempt of a terrorist attack on the General Directorate of Investigation's Center, yesterday morning.

The attempt of attack was a resounding failure resulted in killing Four heavily armed assailants, asserting the readiness of Saudi security forces to safeguard against any attacks of this kind, and evoking our enthusiasm to know more about the charming city that defeated terrorism on its thresholds.

The Geographic Location & population

AZ-Zulfi governorate is one of the twenty governorates of Riyadh province that lies 250KM north-west of Riyadh with a population of 125,000 (2017 estimate) and a total area of 5540 square meters. It's 600 meters above the sea and comprises 90 towns. Its name has several meanings, including; the gradual height of mount Tuwaiq, the surrounding villages of AZ-Zulfi, or it may mean moving from one place to another.

It's distinguished by its strategic location as it links between the north of the Kingdom, the Gulf states, and the Holy Lands. It is considered the gateway for people coming from Kuwait to the Holy cities of Saudi Arabia. Most of its territory is sandy desert (91%).


AZ-Zulfi area is considered one of themost popular Saudi tourist attractions, as there are many parks and attractiveareas such as:

  • Al-Kasr Lake: it lies in the middle of AZ-Zulfi desert on the outskirt of Rawdaht Al-Sabla in the northeast of Zulfi governorate. Being filled with rainfall waters, surrounded by red sands, it charms the minds of the visitors, captures the hearts of travelers and adventurers, and seems to be a perfect destination for camping amateurs. Unfortunately, it is seasonal as the 10-Kilometer-lake is only filled with rainwater in the middle of sand dunes and desert plants after it heavily rains in the winter, giving it a marvelous romantic scenery of sand-water combinations.
Al-Kasr Lake
  • RawdahtAl-Sabla: it is one of the most popular naturalmeadows in Riyadh. It is well known for the white tents surrounded by lushgreenery, so each seeker of a unique lifestyle and rare natural beauty, wouldfind its calling there.

AZ-Zulfi also include other wonderfulplaces like Al-Khail Park, Western Hill, and Mountain View. There are also manyvalleys including Samnan, and Wadi Markh, and Wadi An-Noom.

AZ-Zulfi is characterized by desertterrains, plain lands, and free from any highlands. Of its popular terrains are:

  • Mount Tuwaiq: it is the highest peak in the region, located on the eastern side of the AZ-Zulfi governorate with about 150 meters above sea level, and consists of limestone.
Mount Tuwaiq
  • Nafud Althwirat: It is located on the northern and western sides of the city of AZ-Zulfi and they are sand dunes formed by the natural factors of corrosion, rock erosion, rain, wind, and climatic conditions.

Evidently, AZ-Zulfi is a perfectdestination for young people, families, and children, where all of them canfind entertainment, recreation, and fun.

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