Armenian activist recalls Turkish genocide atrocities

Ani Yazichyan
Ani Yazichyan

An Armenian activist said the world's sympathy towards Armenian people following the Turkish genocide in 1915 is important but not enough, saying "national rights have not yet been restored."

During her participation in the commemoration of the genocide in the capital Yerevan, Ani Yazichyan spoke of her generation's vision of this key incident and its impact on future relationship with Turkey, as well as her vision of international attitudes and their potential impact.

"Genocide in Armenia is one of the biggest crimes against humanity. It is difficult to remember and speak about genocide easily. It is so cruel for us as an Armenian people, my family lost their hometown because of the genocide. I went to Turkey to see Muscat," Yazdecyan told Ajel English edition.

Turkey is occupying vast areas of Armenian historical land, which Armenians demand their restoration, along with calls for international community to repatriate the 1.5 million people who lost their lives as a result of the 1915 genocide of the Ottoman Empire.

"Genocide needs to be recognized," Yazdecan said. "In my opinion and that of all Armenians, we need our land to support us."

"The Turkish government changed the story of what happened in 1915, and many Turks do not know what really happened. We need to correct this error. They should know, they deserve to know the truth. "

"There are many stories you know about genocide," said Ani Yazician. "All the stories are cruel.

The genocide began earlier in 1915. The Turkish government arrested all Armenian intellectuals and sent them to the desert of Deir al-Zour, and then killed them ».

"My family escaped from the genocide fortunately, but they lost their relatives, their homeland, their dreams, and everything. It was hard to start a new life here in Eastern Armenia, they saved books like their children during the getaway. "

"In fact, there were few number of Kurds and Turks who helped some Armenians flee, but Turkish soldiers killed men and raped women, and many Armenian girls killed themselves to escape others' fate," she said.

"We do not have to be enemies of the Turks, but we can't forget what is happening. We can't forgive them a big lie, they lie to their children, the whole world, the Turkish government must open its archives," said Ani Yazichyan .

"Genocide needs to be recognized by the world, so it will not be repeated. If the Turks were punished, what Hitler did with the Holocaust is my assessment. "

Historical documents confirm that 1.5 million people have been killed during the genocide, several hundreds of them intellectuals, and more than 1,800 churches and historical monuments have been destroyed, as well as the loss of about one million people, not to mention the material losses, said Ani Yazichyan.

"The world knows the truth, but the Turks still deny," she said. "We have lost all of Western Armenian regions"

"The United States can have a big role in the Armenian cause," she said. "I'm sure they know the truth, and many other countries, but I also understand that Armenia is a small country with limited resources. Turkey is a big country and an important economy, and it has a lot of natural resources. Many countries do not want to anger them".

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