Arab Leaders Condemn Terrorist Actions of Houthi Militias and Iranian Conduct in the Region: Statement
Arab leaders at the emergency summit in Mecca

Arab Leaders Condemn Terrorist Actions of Houthi Militias and Iranian Conduct in the Region: Statement

Leadersand heads of delegations of Arab countries have condemned the actions of theHouthi terrorist militias and the conduct of Iran against the principles ofgood neighborliness, which threatens security and stability in the region.

This camein a final communique delivered by Secretary General of the Arab League AhmedAboul Gheit at the conclusion of the Arab Extraordinary Summit held thisevening at Al-Safa Palace in Makkah under the chairmanship of the Custodian ofthe Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Followingis the text of the final communique:

"Atthe invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman binAbdulaziz Al Saud to his brothers the leaders of Arab countries to discuss theserious repercussions of the attack by the Iranian-backed Houthi terroristmilitias on two oil pumping stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and theattack on commercial vessels in the territorial waters of the United ArabEmirates.

Inaccordance with Article Three of the Charter of the Arab League for theperiodic convening of the Summit, the Council of the Arab League held anextraordinary session in Makkah, on 25/9/1440AH corresponding to 30/5/2019,where the Arab leaders discussed these developments and their implications onthe higher Arab interests. The deliberations concluded with the followingpositions:

1- Thecondemnation of the actions of the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias,including crossing two oil pumping stations inside Saudi Arabia using unmannedaerial vehicles and the sabotage of commercial vessels in the territorialwaters of the United Arab Emirates.

2-Emphasizing that the Arab States seek to restore security stability in theregion and that the only true way is for all states in the region to respectthe principles of good neighborliness, refraining from the use or waving offorce, interfering in the internal affairs of States and violating theirsovereignty. Also, that the conduct of the Islamic Republic of Iran in theregion is contrary to those principles and undermines the requirements ofconfidence and thus directly and dangerously threatens the security andstability in the region, stressing that the cooperation relations with Arabcountries and the Islamic Republic of Iran must be based on the principle ofgood-neighborliness, not interfering in the internal affairs of States andrespecting their sovereignty.

3-Affirming the solidarity and unity of Arab countries with each other in theface of Iranian interference in their internal affairs, whether directly orindirectly, with the aim of destabilizing their security and stability, inaddition to intensifying the means of cooperation and coordination among themin the face of resulted dangers.

4-Condemning the continued firing of Iranian-made ballistic missiles on theKingdom of Saudi Arabia from Yemeni territory by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias,counting this as a threat to Arab national security. Also, emphasizing theKingdom of Saudi Arabia's right to defend its territory in accordance with theCharter of the United Nations and its support for its actions against suchattacks within the framework of International legitimacy.

5-Condemning the continued Iranian support for the Houthi anti-governmentmilitias in Yemen.

6-Condemning and denouncing the continuing Iranian interference in the internalaffairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, supporting terrorism, training terrorists,smuggling arms and explosives, and inciting sectarian strife to destabilizesecurity, order and stability.

7-Condemning the ongoing occupation by Iran of the three occupied islands of theUnited Arab Emirates and supporting all peaceful measures taken by the UnitedArab Emirates to restore its sovereignty over its occupied islands.

8-Continuing the limitation of satellite channels funded by Iran on Arabsatellites.

9-Intensifying the diplomatic efforts between the Arab countries and countriesand regional and international organizations to shed light on Iran's practicesthat endanger peace and security in the region, calling upon the internationalcommunity to take a firm stand against Iran and its destabilizing activities inthe region, standing firmly and strongly against any Iranian attempts tothreaten energy security and the freedom and safety of maritime installationsin the Arabian Gulf and other waterways, whether carried out by Iran or throughits arms in the region.

10-Denouncing the Iranian interference in the Syrian crisis and its implicationsfor Syria's future, sovereignty, security, independence, national unity andterritorial integrity, and that such intervention does not serve the exertedefforts to settle the Syrian crisis according to the content of the GenevaConvention 1 and the relevant international resolutions. On the issue ofPalestine, the main Arab issue, the summit affirmed its adherence to theresolutions of the 29th Arab summit in Dhahran (Al-Quds Summit) and theresolutions of the 30th Arab summit in Tunisia".

At the conclusion of their meeting, the Arab leaders expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their warm reception and generous hospitality and their excellent organization and preparation of the works of this summit.

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