Arab Coalition intercepts, destroys Houthi ballistic missiles targeting Riyadh, Jazan

Arab Coalition intercepts, destroys Houthi ballistic missiles targeting Riyadh, Jazan

ArabCoalition forces intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles launched byIran-backed Houthi militia, targeting the Saudi capital Riyadh and thesouthern city of Jazan late Saturday, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported quotinga statement from the coalition forces.

Two missiles were intercepted anddestroyed above Riyadh and Jazan, Turki Al-Malki, the spokesman of thecoalition, was quoted as saying.

"This attack does not target only Saudi Arabia, but targets international unityand solidarity, especially under such difficult conditions in which the worldis uniting in combatting the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic," Al-Malki said.

"The launch of ballistic missiles by the terrorist Houthi militia and the IRGCat this time reflects the real threat of this terrorist militia and the Iranianregime sponsoring it."

"This escalation by the Houthi militia does not reflect its announcement ofaccepting the ceasefire and de-escalation to reach a political solution withthe Yemeni government," Al-Malki added.

According to Al Arabiya report,residents and citizens in the northern districts of Riyadh heard three loudexplosions around 11:20 p.m. local time.

"Loud explosions were heardacross the northern areas of Riyadh and sources confirmed it was after twoballistic missiles were intercepted and destroyed.

We're hearing reports that the damaged parts of the missiles have now beenscattered and we are yet to hear of any reports of injuries yet," Al ArabiyaRiyadh correspondent was quoted as saying in a report carried by the network.

Mohammed Al Hammadi the spokesperson for the Civil Defense in Riyadh said that"two civilians were injured by falling debris from the intercepted Houthimissiles as they exploded in mid-air."

Two days back the coalition had intercepted and destroyed ballistic missileslaunched by the Houthis targeting the Saudi cities of Abha and Khamis Mushait.

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