Amid tension with US.. Iran fears military rebellion as the Supreme Guide re-appoints ‘the butcher’: Sources

khamenei & Hussien Taib
khamenei & Hussien Taib

The latest changes in the Command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards that was named by Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Hosseini Khamenei, came as a result of an internal military rebellion, discovered by the Intelligence Agency, sources to Ajel reported.

"TheIranian regime became worry of an internal rebellion as a result of the ongoingpressure from the United States of America," the source added.

"TheU.S. threats of fighting Iran forced the Supreme leaders inside the Command ofthe Iranian Revolutionary Guards to refuse the intractable politics by theregime in facing the international demands,"

"Number of the Supreme leaders inside the Command of the IranianRevolutionary Guards expressed their worriesabout the success of that approach, during a meeting held in the previous dayswith supreme officials including Iranpresident Hassan Rouhani, and they warned from its effect on the country,"the sources added.

The sources also confirmed that number of high security and militaryleaders showed their fears to the president Rouhani from the American threatsof launching a military strike on the Iranian strategic places, especially oilproduction fields and nuclear installations through special militaryoperations.

Anothernumber of the high security and military leaders alsowarned from an expected comprehensive attack on the country like what happenedto Iraq in 2003, so they asked the political leaders to move quickly to find anend for the tension with Washington.

From his side, Rouhani confirmed that the Iranian regime is strong enough to use many solutions to suspend any military escalation by the U.S, referring to the outside safety nets that the Russian support represents its main canter despite his recognition of having variations with Moscow due to the current competition between the two countries in Syria.

According to sources to "Ajel", the Iranian Intelligence Agency connected between the previous opinions and what he considered as the start of military rebellion inside the regular forces especially inside the Revolutionary Guards that represent the most effective power of the regime.

Thesources also added that the latest changed made by Khamenei formed an early tryto suspend any internal opposite movement.

It alsohinted that it's difficult to bet on such expectations due to the cementedcontrol of the Intelligence Agency on the Iranian military establishment.    

The previous information came two days after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards made new changes in their own Intelligence Agency after the threats escalation between Iran and the United States of America.

TheIranian official news agency "Fars News Agency" announced theappointment of Hussien Taib as a new boss of the Revolutionary Guards'Intelligence Agency alongside appointing major general Hassan Mohakek as avice-president of the agency.

Khameneialso appointed Admiral Ali Fadwi as a deputy commander of the RevolutionaryGuards and Brigadier General Mohamed Reda Nakdi as an assistance of RevolutionaryGuards leader.

Ajelsources confirmed that the appointment of Hussien Taib, who is called 'thebutcher', as a new boss of the Revolutionary Guards' Intelligence Agency isevidence of the current worries inside the Iranian regime as well as they alsowant to suspend the internal rebels' movements to make sure that they won'tmake use of the outside tension.

"The CurriculumVitae of Hussien Taib refers to the cement control of the hardcore part on theviews of the Iranian politics as the new boss of the Revolutionary Guards'Intelligence Agency is one of the closest persons to Khamenei," the sourcetold Ajel.

Thesources also said that Hussien Taib is relative with Ali Akbar Hussieni theformer member of the Iranian regime Shura council.

It's notthe first time for Hussien Taib to be in charge of the Iranian RevolutionaryGuards' Intelligence Agency as he placed the same position in 1999 when hemanaged to suspend the July rebellion and was behind many of regime's crimesagainst the rebels, according to Ajel's sources.

In October2009 Taib was appointed in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' IntelligenceAgency to be responsible of suspending the rebellions like what happened in 15June when Basij brigades injured tens of rebels and destroyed people's privatecars and the shops that hosted the demonstrators.

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