2021 in review: Saudi women milestones

Saudi women milestones in 2021
Saudi women milestones in 2021

The act of counting backward to bringing the curtain down on 2021 has begun. Our lives got interruption during the past two years due to COVID-19; but it has been an exciting mess; because we began to reflect by counting the accomplishments Saudi women made at such challenging moments.

The best thing one can do here is to illustrate the excellence so many Saudi women have achieved. We believe they are worth pondering because they deliver inspirational messages to all women worldwide.

Generous support made towards Saudi women

In the field of empowerment in Saudi Arabia, we have started to witness a massive transformation regarding enablement. The most important part here is the generous support made towards Saudi women; as we have heard and seen from the decision-makers in our government and institutions.

In education, It's a pleasure indeed to see a woman spokesperson presenting the Ministry of Education; projecting the local and global standards of learning here in the Kingdom.

Sarah Al-Sudairi Center for Women's Studies

It is worth highlighting the royal approval; issued for the establishment of the Sarah Al-Sudairi Center for Women's Studies at Princess Nourah University. This center will highlight the intelligent initiatives, scientific and researches abilities of Saudi women.

We can see women taking their place in the diplomatic sector; the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Sweden Enas Ahmed Al-Shahwan, for instance, has outstanding accomplishments to her name.

Saudi women had another achievement in the sports sector; the Saudi Arabia Football Federation launched its first women's regional league. It is nice to see female footballers recognized for their incredible skills, and it is great to know that my colleague, Manal Q., is among them as a team member of Al-Yamama Football Club.

It was surprising to see the passion of the young members of the club, who built the team up and up since 2009, to the point that it has been supported officially by the SAFF this year.

The act of achieving is an ongoing process, as I always believe; it starts with a passion and ends with a commitment. It begins when we decide to use all our potential and talents.

Yes, I'm very proud to state where we were, and where we are today. Still, thanks for the blessed and vital decisions made by our wise government and leaders, King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, for the sake of keeping the Saudi woman ranked among the most successful in developed countries.