12 dead in Indonesia due to floods and landslides

12 dead in Indonesia due to floods and landslides
12 dead in Indonesia due to floods and landslides

The number of flood victims in Indonesia has risen to 12 people due to floods and landslides caused by torrential rains in western Indonesia.

Indonesia witnesses a new humanitarian and natural catastrophe in a very short time after similar catastrophes. Some parts of Bengkulu province on Indonesia's Sumatra island were hit by heavy floods and severe landslides leading to the loss of twelve people and the missing of other eight, an official said on Sunday, according to DPA.

The spokesman for the National Center for Disaster Management in Indonesia, Nugroho has announced that the torrential rain that has poured over the province since Friday afternoon was that has caused rivers to overflow and triggered landslides in many parts of Bengkulu.

Some partsof the capital, Jakarta was submerged on Friday, when several areas along theCiliwung River banks overflowed following heavy rain in Bogor, West Java andtwo people died. This comes after the loss of 8 people, in the cities of Jakarta andBengkulu, since last month.

Nogroho officially stated that the landslides caused 184 homes and 4 schools to be destroyed, as well as damage to many roads and bridges. Dozens of vital infrastructures were badly affected as well as nine fisheries and maritime facilities in five districts. He also pointed out that some 13,000 people were affected by the floods.

Emergency teams continue to search for the missing persons and rescue the people affected by the heavy floods and severe landslides that occurred in the west of the country last month.

Landslides and floods are common in Indonesia, especially during the monsoon season, between October and April. In January, at least 70 people were killed when floods and landslides struck south Sulawesi province. It's also noteworthy that the floods taken place in the eastern province, Papua last March killed 100 people.

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