Fashion show part of Saudi Arabia’s 90th national Day festivities

Fashion show part of Saudi Arabia's 90th national Day festivities

As part of Saudi Arabia’s 90th National Day festivities this week, Saudi fashion designer Omaima Kindassa plans to stage a show that will be inspired by tribal traditional costumes worn in different parts of the Kingdom.

The event will kick off here Saturday evening and run for a week, online newspaper Sabq reported.

It also aims at familiarizing the public, mainly the youth; with national costumes to help promote and increase an attachment to the homeland.

The show will also feature outfits from the regions of Najd, Madinah and Al-Qassim.

The Saudi National Day, celebrated annually on Sept. 23, marks the unification of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz.

Kindasa also said that in the north of the Kingdom crepe is the used cloth for producing the costumes. The urban garment that expresses the western region uses natural silk chiffon raw, with the ancient Hejazi embroidery.