Fashion Commission to Celebrate Conclusion of “Fashion Incubator” Program

Fashion Commission today in Jeddah is scheduled to organize the concluding ceremony of the “Fashion Incubator” program in the presence of Commission CEO Burak Çakmak, investors, business entrepreneurs in the fashion sector and representatives of Saudi and international fashion companies.

The ceremony will include closing shows for participants, including their journeys in the program, achievements and professional guidance sessions that they have received during their participation in the incubator.

The program is part of the efforts of the Ministry of Culture in developing the cultural capabilities in the fashion sector under the “Developing the cultural business entrepreneurship” initiative under the initiatives of the “Quality of Life” program, which is one of the programs aimed at realizing the Saudi Vision 2030. It is under the patronage of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monshaat), Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, among others.