Falcon Competition kicks off at King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival

Falcon Competition kicks off at King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival

The events of the most beautiful falcon competition started in the second edition of King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival, the competition organized two heat for the category (Farkh and Qirnas) to select the most beautiful falcons.

The competition included an evaluation of the participating falcons by the jury, according to seven precise standards set by the Saudi Falcons Club to choose the winner of the most beautiful falcon, after which a ceremony was held to honor the winners, in the presence of a wide range of falconers and media professionals.

The jury will grand falconer’s calcification in degrees for each of the seven standards out of a total of 100.

The first and second place winner of the first heat of Farkh category is the two falcon of Sultan Falah Alqahtani obtaining 87.71 and 87.28 degrees, respectively , and the third place winner is the falcon Salah bin Ali ALmary obtaining 66 degrees.

The first place winner of in the second heat of Qirnas category is the falcon of Ghanem bin Mudath Al-Dossari, obtaining 89.28 degrees, the second place winner is the falcon of Sultan Al-Qahtani, obtaining 81.28 and the third place winner is the falcon of Theeb bin Mubarak Almhan, obtaining 72.28 degrees.

The most beautiful competition will witness three other heats on tomorrow and Friday and Saturday, with two heat being held tomorrow for the two categories, Jeer Pure Farkh and Jeer Pure Qirnas, and a final heat on Saturday for the Qirans category.

The Saudi Falcons Club allocated total prizes for the most beautiful competition, amounting to 3 million riyals, where the winner of the first place in each half gets 300 thousand riyals, and the second place gets 200 thousand riyals, and one hundred thousand for the third place holder, by 600 thousand riyals for each of the five stages of the competition.