Environment Ministry: Construction of Artificial Lakes for Entertainment or Investment Exposes the Owner to Penalties and Fines

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture stressed that the construction of man-made (artificial) lakes in farms for the purpose of investment or entertainment is a violation of the water bylaws and the relevant executive regulations, which aim to preserve water resources, and ensure their sustainability, rationalize its consumption and prevent its misuse.

The ministry said several video clips have been circulating on the various social media platforms showing some citizens establishing artificial lakes in their farms, stressing that these projects pose a great waste of water and use that violates the given licenses.

The ministry noted that it does not issue licenses to dig wells for the establishment of industrial, recreational, or investment lakes in a country where non-renewable water resources are limited, stressing that it will take strict measures to enforce the regulations and impose penalties and fines against the violators the governing regulations.

The penalties may amount to withdrawing the license to use groundwater in the event of a repeated violation, in order to preserve the non-renewable water resources, according to the ministry.

Meanwhile, the ministry said such projects can be executed by using treated water or return water after obtaining the approval of the competent authorities.