Emirati-Israeli Agreement to Be Signed Within 10 Days


The United States has speeded up its preparations to host the official signatory ceremony of the historic agreement reached between the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and Israel to normalize relations.

The US administration and the Israeli government have been on ongoing contacts to agree on the details of the event; that will see the attendance of each US President Donald Trump; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

Signing of the dealwill be on Sep.13; which also coincides with the 27th anniversary of the White House signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords between Israelis and Palestinians.

Meanwhile; Israelis still haven’t unanimously agreed to sell F-35 fighters or any other US weapons to the UAE.

Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said: “Tel Aviv will exert pressures on US Congress; to stop the sale.”

“We are against that, we will not agree to any sales contract … and we will act against selling any weapon; that would harm Israel’s qualitative military superiority, including the F-35.”

Furthermore; these remarks came after Netanyahu denied on Friday a New York Times report; which again claimed he had given his okay to the weapons deal.

“Repeating a false allegation against the Premier does not make it true;” his office said in a statement.

“At no point in the talks with the United States leading to the historic breakthrough with the United Arab Emirates on August 13 did the Prime Minister give Israel’s consent to the sale of advanced weapons to the Emirates.”

In detail; Cohen backed Netanyahu’s statements; and said he attended the cabinet meetings and spoke with Netanyahu who said unequivocally that there is no agreement and he didn’t give an okay.