Emir of Kuwait condemns Aramco attack in call with King Salman

Saudi King Salman’s envoy delivers letter to Emir of Kuwait

During the call, the Emir expressed Kuwait’s condemnation of the attacks on two Aramco facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, which led to two fires that were controlled.

He also expressed Kuwait’s full support to Saudi Arabia and its support to all that would preserve Saudi Arabia’s security and territorial integrity, according to Kuwait Press Agency “KUNA”.

For his part, King Salman expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Emir of Kuwait for denouncing such terrorist acts, stressing that the Kingdom has the ability to confront such terrorist attack and deal with its consequences.

The Kuwaiti Prime Minister, Jaber Al-Mubarak, had met, earlier, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Mohammad Al-Khadr, according to what the Cabinet announced on Twitter, Sunday.

After the meeting, Anas Al-Saleh, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Interior, stated that “the Kuwaiti Chief of Staff works in direct and continuous coordination with brothers in the Saudi armed forces after attacking Aramco’s two oil plants.

The security commands began to conduct the necessary investigations on the surveillance of a drone flying in areas on the coastal side of Kuwait City and take the necessary measures and ways to address them, according to Saleh.

Al-Saleh also pointed out that Al-Mubarak instructed the military and security leaders to tighten security measures around vital sites inside the State of Kuwait and take all necessary measures to preserve the security of Kuwait and its citizens and residents from all danger.

The security spokesman at the Saudi Interior Ministry said on Saturday that at four o’clock in the morning of Saturday, the industrial security teams of Aramco started extinguishing two fires in two plants belonging to the company in Abqaiq and Khurais as a result of being targeted by drones, while the competent authorities have initiated an investigation into this.

The official spokesman for the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen, Col. Turki Al-Maliki, on Saturday evening, that investigations are underway about the terrorist attack of Aramco workers to find out the parties involved.