Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Plants led to Fires

Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil

The Saudi ministry of interior announced on Saturday morning, the control of two fires in two oil plants belonging to the company “Saudi Aramco” in the Saudi provinces Abqaiq and Khurais. The fires were triggered by a drone attack by the Iranian-back terrorist Houthi militias.

The ministry of interior said that the two fires broke out in the two plants as a result of being targeted by drone attack, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

“At 4:00 am Saturday, Aramco’s industrial security teams started in fighting two fires in two plants of the company in Abqaiq and Khurais as a result of being targeted by drone attack,” the ministry of interior’s security spokesman said.

  • The fires in Aramco’s oil plants, located in Abqaiq and Khurais, were controlled, Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry was quoted as saying.

“The two fires have been brought under control and their spread has been curbed, and the competent authorities have started the investigation,” the ministry of interior’s security spokesman continued.

In May, two Saudi Aramco’s oil pumping stations in Al-Duwadimi and Afif provinces in Riyadh were targeted by drone booby-trapped aircraft.

Saudi Aramco confirmed, at that time, that there were no casualties in this attack, pointing out that its customers’ supplies of crude oil and gas “were not affected”.

In the wake of the incident, Saudi Arabia demanded that the United Nations implement UN Security Council resolutions, which prohibit the Iranian-back terrorist Houthi militias from using the port of Al-Hudaydah in western Yemen as a platform to launch terrorist operations.

Riyadh considered that these Houthi practices undermine the efforts of the United Nations to reach a peaceful solution, calling on the Security Council to take immediate measures to disarm the coup Houthi militias and to prevent an escalation in the region and the outbreak of regional confrontations.