Dr. Aljaid builds communication bridges with lecture at US Emerson College

Dr. Aljaid builds communication bridges with lecture at US Emerson College

Last Tuesday, the School of Communication at Emerson College hosted Dr. Bandar Aljaid, the chairman of the public relations department at King Abdulaziz University, in Pizza and Politics — one of its virtual activities to discuss the Saudi Communication and Media industry for the first time during this fall semester last to build communication bridges for better understanding.

Dr. Aljaid, speaking to Saudi Gazette, said, “This event was a great opportunity to express the Saudi perspective of media and public relations via connecting with academic and professional experts in the communication industry in the US.”

He added, “Meeting international and American students at Emerson College to recognize Saudi Arabia’s Communication Arts help in opening the doors of dialogue which enhances understanding of Saudi culture at different levels.”

Furthermore, Dr. Gregory Payne, founder of the Pizza and Politics initiative and the Chair of Emerson College’s Department of Communication Studies — the first communication department in the United States, illustrated, “Pizza and Politics is a civic engagement activity that began in 1986 at Emerson College and it was initially started around the US elections to discuss it.”

He added, “At the beginning, Pizza and Politics used to be more regional and political in the sense of American domestic politics, but Dr. Robert Brown convinced me that public relation and politics requires a global perspective for better understanding.”

“Today, communication technology has opened doors to understand other points of view. Thus, Zoom allows us to bring global speakers such as Dr. Aljaid, who is the first Saudi professor to be invited by Pizza and Politics this semester,” Dr. Payne said.

The activity was attended by undergrad and graduate students, professors, professionals and experts. Dr. Aljaid discussed Saudi media history in three phases; he highlighted the emergence of newspapers and mass communication types. Then he revealed what elements influences Saudi public relations practice today, which generated effective discussion among the audience.