Digital library opens new chapter in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Digital Library at the Ministry of Education provides 169 databases in a range of academic fields to help researchers; students and others across the Kingdom.

Public and private universities, teachers and scholarship students are among those benefiting from the library’s digital services; the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.

The library seeks to become the largest assembly of digital knowledge sources in the Middle East in terms of size and type of resources.

More than 65 entities have benefited from the service to date.

The library contains 446,044 digital books, 60,000 scientific journals, 6,548,350 research and conference papers; 5,224,410 university theses, and 3,061,669 scientific reports; in addition to 461,004 multimedia that includes images and scientific films in various disciplines; as well as more than 12,000,000 scientific subjects in information assets owned by the library.

Recent statistics show that there are more than 2.2 million beneficiaries of the library services.