Customs ban individuals from importing electronic cigarettes

Saudi Customs have banned the import of shishah; e-cigarettes and their accessories through shipping companies and individuals’ websites.

In the event that they are imported, they would also be confiscated, a fine imposed, and a record of seizure will be registered. Companies licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA); are allowed to import such products in commercial quantities.

In another development, Saudi Customs; revealed three cases that enable the importer to claim a refund of customs duties.

However they are: “Re-exporting foreign goods abroad, goods that had a material error, technical errors or errors in evaluation; and goods for which an industrial exemption decision was issued”; via the portal “Faseh.”

According to the mechanisms; for exempting goods returned for export abroad, Saudi Customs have stipulated five reasons for reimbursement of their duties.

They include: “Re-exporting them within a calendar year from the date of payment of customs duties; the claim for refund of customs duties is made within six months from the date of re-export; the goods should be from one consignment,not for local use; the value of the taxes is not less than SR18,750 ($5,000), and the exporter is also the importer or any other person when it is proven to the Saudi Customs that he has purchased them.”

The owners of the goods in which a material error, technical errors, or errors in the evaluation occurred, will be able to apply for the refund of customs duties by “obsolescence”.

Moreover Saudi Customs confirmed that the application for refund of customs duties for goods for which an industrial exemption decision has been issued requires that “the unified importer’s number in the customs declaration is identical with the unified importer’s number mentioned in the exemption decision.”