Coalition forces destroys Houthi-launched missile, 6 bomb-laden UAVs

Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, the official spokesman of the Arab coalition forces supporting legitimacy in Yemen

The Arab Coalition forces on Saturday night and Sunday morning intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile toward Riyadh and explosive-laden drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia targeting civilian areas in Southern Region, Jazan and Khamis Mushayt; according to a statement by official spokesman of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Malki.

Brig. Gen. Al-Malki said: “Joint Coalition Forces markedly have intercepted and destroyed Saturday night and Sunday morning (Feb. 27-26, 2021) (1) ballistic missile toward (Riyadh) launched by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia, and (6) bomb-laden UAVs toward the Kingdom launched deliberately and systematically; in order to target civilians and civilian objects in the Southern Region, Jazan and Khamis Mushayt.

“The terrorist Houthi militia is also purposely escalating the deliberate; hostile, terrorist targeting of civilians and civilian objects using ballistic missiles and bomb-laden UAVs.

The Royal Saudi Air Defense and Royal Saudi Air Force have exhibited great competence in countering and thwarting these threats; through monitoring launches in Houthi-controlled areas and also intercepting and destroying the terrorist threats.

Continued operations

“The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition also will continue to implement all necessary precautions to safeguard civilians and civilian objects; and all required operational procedures to stop such terrorist acts and aggression attempts, and appropriately handle the sources of these threats in accordance with the Customary International Humanitarian Law.”

Meanwhile, the Civil Defense teams in Riyadh responded; to scattered debris of ballistic missile launched by terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia competently.

The official spokesman of the General Directorate of Civil Defense Lt. Col. Mohammed Al-Hammadi also stated that Civil Defense teams in Riyadh have responded Saturday night; to the scattered debris of the ballistic missile.

He said, the missile launched by elements of the terrorist; Iran’s Houthi militia from Yemen toward the capital Riyadh was markedly intercepted and destroyed.

Some of the scattered debris also resulted in material damage to one house; and thankfully there were no human injuries or deaths. The incident was within accordance with procedures and plans adopted for such cases.