Coalition destroys Houthi drones at Al-Dulaimi air base

Coalition Forces Intercept Drones Launched by terrorist Houthi militia Towards Saudi Arabia

The Arab Coalition has destroyed four drones of the Iran-backed Houthi militia at Al-Dulaimi air base north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa as coalition fighters targeted Houthi barracks and military sites early Sunday morning.

The raids reportedly targeted a maintenance camp which militias use to develop weapons, according to local sources. The coalition also targeted other militia sites in the capital region and its suburbs, including the former command center for the Republican Guard, south of Sanaa.

The Arab Coalition has intercepted and destroyed several explosive-laden drones launched toward Saudi Arabia in recent weeks. Cross-border attacks by Iran-aligned Houthi forces have escalated since late May; when a truce prompted by the coronavirus pandemic expired. In late June; missiles reached the Saudi capital Riyadh.