CITC provides customer toll free number for telecom, postal service providers

CITC provides customer toll free number for telecom, postal service providers

CITC called on all entities and companies in the telecommunications and postal service sectors to take advantage of free digital resources through the toll-free number 800 to serve their customers.

The commission provides this number with the aim of raising the quality of service; provided by establishments in the service and commercial sectors; making it easier for customers, and not to let them bear more financial burdens.

The telecom regulator said that it has made available sufficient digital resources for the toll-free number 800 for service providers; within a competitive environment. Besides, enabling them to be obtained it in an easier and convenient way.

The CITC clarified that it had previously obligated all entities that fall under its regulatory powers; such as telecommunications and postal service providers, to provide a free contact number for customer service.

This is in addition to establishing a special department to receive, manage and handle beneficiary complaints by service providers. Besides, allowing communication with the department and submit complaints. This is through all possible means either electronically or by phone or in person.

The authority also instructed the companies to not obligate the beneficiary to have a lone way to file his complaint, and that access to these means shall be clear, easy and free; with the aim of strengthening the mechanisms for protecting beneficiaries and raising the level of service quality.

It also emphasized that each party has a responsibility to protect customers in the sector that falls under its supervision; by obliging commercial companies through provision of customer service via toll-free numbers.