Cabinet amends leave rules for military personnel

The weekly session of the Council of Ministers, held last Tuesday, decided to amend the service rules of the military personnel including officers and individuals of armed personnel with regard to their leave; retirement and resignation.

According to the decision, if an officer submits a request for retirement or resignation; the competent authority has the right to refuse or accept it; in case if the officer is notified of the acceptance or rejection of the request within a maximum period of three months.

With regard to the amendments to the personnel service rules; the decision stipulates that the leave granted to the individual military personnel include annual; field, exceptional, sick; sitting for academic examination, and accompaniment for study.

The amendment for the officers’ service rules included an addition of an article to include academic accompaniment for scholarship students in the leave categories.

The amendments also included the permissibility of combining annual leave together; provided that the period of leave that an individual enjoys per year does not exceed 60 days.