The Non-Profit Sector in Saudi Arabia Witnesses Rapid Growth in Early 2024

The Saudi non-oil sectors grow to 2.6% this year, Bloomberg expected
The Saudi non-oil sectors grow to 2.6% this year, Bloomberg expected

The National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the latest developments in the growth of the non-profit sector for February 2024.

The sector witnessed the registration of 56 private associations, 8 private institutions, and 21 family funds in various priority development areas and several regions across the Kingdom.

The total number of registered non-profit entities in the Kingdom is now 4,656. The number of volunteers in 2024 has also reached over 113,000 in various fields, with over 4 million volunteer hours and 43,000 volunteer opportunities.

The center highlighted the continuous growth of the non-profit sector in terms of the number of non-profit entities, the number of volunteers, and the increase in the number of technical supervisory units in government agencies.

The center pointed to the progress achieved through the collaboration of all entities in the non-profit sector system and the development observed in the governance of non-profit entities, which achieved advanced levels of governance in 2023.

This confirms the commitment of the sector's entities to comply with the targeted development roles.

As part of its supervisory and regulatory role, the center has issued decisions against several non-profit entities and individuals since the beginning of 2024.

These decisions included 11 warnings to civil associations, two decisions to dismiss the board of directors of a civil association, two decisions to reform the interim board of directors, the dissolution of two civil associations, and the start of their liquidation, and the referral of four civil associations to the Public Prosecution.

The center emphasizes the importance of non-profit entities' commitment to the rules and regulations, guidelines, and procedures governing the non-profit sector.

It invites all non-profit entities to communicate through customer care channels via the unified call center 19918, its website, and its social media accounts.

The center stresses the need for integration between it and non-profit entities to contribute to the development of the non-profit sector and maximize the social and economic impact of the sector to achieve the desired national goals.

The National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector aims to organize and activate the role of non-profit sector entities, expand them in development areas, and work on integrating government efforts in providing licensing services to these entities, financial and administrative supervision of the sector, and increasing coordination and support.