SWVL launches its business in the Saudi market

SWVL launches its business in the Saudi market
SWVL launches its business in the Saudi market

 Swvl, an international Dubai-based tech startup extends its Mass Transit solutions for businesses to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; serving the corporate and business sector as a Saudi limited company.

The Kingdom would be Swvl's sixth market after its success across 9 major cities; in the MENAP, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Jordan, and the UAE, since its establishment back in 2017.

Through this service, Swvl also provides the best means of daily mass employee transportation; by customizing routes and destinations per different company requirements, to over 100 companies ranging from food and beverages, construction, oil & gas, textile, and education, to consumer electronics manufacturing, accounting, telecom, and mobile network operators alongside others.

Safe & quality transportation services

Alexandre Epure Swvl's Regional Sales Director, stated that the company is excited to enter the Saudi market to provide safe, quality transportation services; powered by its state-of-the-art technology to organizations. Swvl, on its journey to solve the issues plaguing mass transit; optimizes the whole mass transit operation at the highest level; allowing organizations and corporations to lower costs and increase revenues significantly. Swvl's technology cuts transportation costs by up to 25%; via reducing the number of vehicles, KMs, overhead, and optimizing routes through a unique network planning AI engine. On top of that, Swvl maintains efficiency in fleet utilization and thus cost savings. Most importantly, Swvl can do all of this while providing an outstanding ride experience on both driver and passenger levels.

Alexandre Epure, also added that the company helped to move millions of riders globally during the pandemic year of 2020; providing a fast and safe transport service with the direction of going green. Less traffic & less pollution which is in line with the latest international designs and specifications to digitize the transportation experience for companies. SWVL offers 100% data-based transportation solutions which are in alignment with Saudi's government initiatives as well as 2030 vision.

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