Saudi Arabia Showcases Its National Programs, Global Contributions at World Energy Congress

Saudi Arabia Showcases Its National Programs, Global Contributions at World Energy Congress

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by its energy system, is actively engaging in the 26th edition of the World Energy Congress, taking place from April 22 to 25, 2024, in the Netherlands.

This congress aims to address various challenges within the energy sector and its ongoing transformations, emphasizing the imperative to manage these transitions equitably without compromising environmental integrity.

Saudi Arabia's participation involves showcasing a cadre of specialists and experts to underscore the nation's contributions to the energy sector and its global leadership.

This is demonstrated through various national programs and initiatives. Additionally, the Kingdom will feature a special pavilion at the congress exhibition, themed "Sustainable Energy - Shared Future," focusing on its role as a prominent global energy producer and its steadfast commitment to combating climate change.

The pavilion will spotlight Saudi Arabia's strides toward achieving its national ambitions of reaching net zero emissions by 2060, or sooner with advancements in technology.

These efforts are driven by the imperative of ensuring sustainable energy for individuals and communities, while safeguarding the Earth's future and its inhabitants.

Throughout the 26th edition, Saudi Arabia will participate in discussions covering pivotal topics in the energy domain, including the development of renewable and nuclear energy sectors, enhancing energy efficiency by 2030, and leveraging liquid fuel displacement.

Moreover, the Kingdom will actively engage in dialogues aimed at expediting the deployment of emission reduction and removal technologies such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), as well as the production of low-carbon hydrogen.