Saudi Arabia represents a Global Leader in the Event Industry and a Tourism Destination: Qumsani

Saudi Arabia ranks 13th globally in terms of property registration and contract enforcement
Saudi Arabia ranks 13th globally in terms of property registration and contract enforcement

The Director-General of Jeddah Season 2022, Nawaf Qumsani, highlighted the Kingdom’s tourism, entertainment, cultural, and historical components, which make it a permanent destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world. He clarified that this year’s Jeddah Season features 2,800 days of activities spread over nine event zones, which meet all the desires and aspirations of people of all ages.

Qumsani told an international media team visiting the Jeddah season that the Kingdom is now a pioneer in the region and the world in the field of the event industry and localization.

He stated that that the Jeddah season has attracted over 2 million visitors from all over the world so far. He emphasized that more than 80% of the personnel in the Jeddah season are Saudi young men and women.

They have worked in various operational, administrative, logistical, and other sectors. Many of them have profited from the immense movement and opportunities provided by the season, whether in terms of employment options or opportunities for projects and other initiatives. During the meeting,Qumsani reviewed the most important figures and facts regarding the season in the event zones.

Qumsani emphasized to the foreign media that Jeddah has evolved into a destination for world celebrities, activities, exhibitions, and important events. As part of the season's events, the last few days have seen some of the most famous stars in the world as well as a lot of international exhibitions and shows that drew a lot of tourists and visitors from all over the globe. This enhances the Kingdom's positive mental image and its ambitious National Vision 2030.

The Director-General of the Jeddah Season welcomed the visiting delegation at the start of the meeting. He thanked them for their efforts and their participation in the season's coverage. Finally, he answered questions and inquiries about the season and its activities from media professionals and representatives of the visiting international media at the end of the meeting.

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