Saudi Arabia issues 350,000 tourist visas in last three months

Saudi Arabia issues 350,000 tourist visas in last three months

Saudi Arabia has issued 350,000 tourist visas during the lastthree months of 2019, according to Ahmad Al-Khatib, chairman of the board ofdirectors of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage(SCTH), Al-Arabiya reported.

Al-Khatib said the numbers achieved lately are very positive specially afterimplementing new regulations to ease the tourists' movement to the Kingdom,such as allowing Schengen, UK and US visa holders — irrespective ofnationalities — to enter the Kingdom.

"We are working on reshaping hotel licenses to make them more attractive toinvestors, and training human capital in a great way," Al-Khatib added.

Meanwhile, SCTH, in cooperation with the Initiatives Center of MiskFoundation, launched the Saudi Café, on the sidelines of the "WorldEconomic Forum 2020" in Davos, which started on Jan. 21 and will continuefor 4 days.

The Saudi Café is a cultural space with interactive digital content, throughwhich the pioneers of the World Economic Forum recognize the Saudi society andits authentic culture, which embodies the Kingdom's Vision 2030. The alignmentto the aims of the Vision 20030 has opened windows to all countries and builtbridges of communication with different cultures, in order to promote respectand mutual understanding.

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