Saudi Arabia Announces Floating Five Projects to Produce Electricity with Use of Renewable Energy with Total Capacity of 3,300mw

Saudi Arabia Reveals Bidders for 3rd Phase of Renewable Energy Projects
Saudi Arabia Reveals Bidders for 3rd Phase of Renewable Energy Projects

The Saudi Power Procurement Company (Principal Buyer) has announced floating five new projects to produce electricity with the use of renewable energy, as part of the fourth phase of Saudi Arabia's National Renewable Energy Program's projects, which is supervised by the Ministry of Energy.

These projects, whose total capacity reaches 3,300 megawatts (mw), include three projects to utilize wind energy and two to use solar energy, where the total production of projects of the wind energy stands at 1,800mw distributed for a project in Yanbu with a capacity of 700mw, another in Al-Ghat with 600mw and a third in Waad Al-Shamal with 500mw, while the total capacity of solar projects reaches 1,500mw, distributed to a project in Al- Henakiyah with 1,100mw and another in Tubarjal with 400mw.

Floating these projects is part of the National Renewable Energy Program as part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s targets to reach the best energy mix to produce electricity in Saudi Arabia from renewable energy resources and using gas with 50% for each of them and replacing the fuel used to produce electricity by 2030, in a bid to realize goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

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