Riyadh Season Attracts 2 Million Visitors in Two Weeks

Riyadh Season Attracts 2 Million Visitors in Two Weeks

The number of visitors to the Riyadh Season 2023 reached 2 million within two weeks since its activities were launched under the slogan “Big Time” in its various areas and venues, which represent one of the most prominent entertainment options locally and globally.

The Season continues to attract millions of visitors since it launched three years ago, exceeding all expectations and fantasies of the audience in the entertainment activities it offers to them.

The Riyadh Season, with its combination of activities that vary between the world’s arts and cultures, games, and the latest innovations in various fields, brings together the residents and visitors of Saudi Arabia with high-quality entertainment experience characterized by the latest international standards, thereby satisfying their desires and needs.

The fourth annual Riyadh Season, under the slogan “Big Time,” offers a number of entertainment options and international experiences. It also attracts visitors from all over the world to the capital, Riyadh, during the winter months of each year to experience many concerts, exhibitions, and unique entertainment events during which an elite group of artists, celebrities and renowned brands participate.