NEOM to be first totally digitized city in world — CEO

NEOM to be first totally digitized city in world — CEO

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOMCompany, said that NEOM will be the first place in the world to rely entirelyon digitization, and it has developed an advanced medical system under the name"Doctor NEOM."

"NEOM is the land of the future, which is to connectdifferent destinations, big data and artificial intelligence," he said whileemphasizing that NEOM will be the first place to be powered 100 percent byrelying on a fully protected system.

The CEO made the remarks while addressing a session titled"Smart cities designed to be safe" at the Global Cybersecurity Forum atthe Ritz-Carlton Riyadh on Wednesday.

Al-Nasr said that NEOM has developed an advanced medicalsystem under the name "Doctor NEOM" to collect health data for residents andpredict their health problems before they occur.

He said NEOM would use modern devices for cybersecurity andwork on a plan to train thousands of citizens so as to make available excellentservices in the city.

Al-Nasr said regional plan for NEOM would be announced next month,which will be an advancement of lifestyle and not just a revolution.

The NEOM futuristic mega city, spread over an area of 10,230square miles in the northern region of Tabuk, is estimated to cost $500billion. Phase one is due for completion in 2020 and the final phase isexpected to be completed in 2025.

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