Monshaat and SGS to Engage Small Enterprises Into Aviation Services

Monshaat and SGS to Engage Small Enterprises Into Aviation Services
Monshaat and SGS to Engage Small Enterprises Into Aviation Services

Monshaat and SGS signed an agreement on Friday; as part of ongoing efforts to engage small enterprises into the Saudi aviation services.

Under the agreement, Monshaat will work to nominate qualified entrepreneurs according to the approved mechanisms; provide them with advice and guidance and propose solutions to business challenges. While the SGS would secure experts and knowledge resources for ground handling operations.

The CEO of SGS, Raed Al-Idrisi, said that the agreement would include initiatives; enable the development of the aviation sector and ground handling services. In addition to providing material and practical support to allow companies to implement their solutions on the ground.

For his part, Monshaat Deputy Governor Esam Al-Thukair revealed that the percentage of SMEs lending out of the total funding; provided by banks and financing companies reached 8.2 percent in 2020.

Speaking during a workshop entitled "Discussing the Challenges Facing the SMEs with the Financial Sector"; which was recently organized by the Riyadh Chamber, Al-Thukair stressed that Monshaat aimed to raise the percentage to 20 percent by 2030.

Financing platform

He also added that the financing platform, which was recently launched by the authority, was able to provide SAR1.6bn riyals ($426mn) to the sector through banks and companies within seven months.

The Riyadh Chamber also emphasized the importance of the SMEs sector in supporting and strengthening the national economy, and its endeavor to reach innovative solutions aimed at injecting more resources into the national economy in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh and Chair of the Financial Sector and Finance Committee, Kholoud Al-Dakhil, stated that the discussions covered four axes, namely financing, regulatory requirements and fees; the application of governance rules and the support provided by Monshaat.

Al-Dakhil stressed the importance of having a clear plan to structure government fees; during the next five years that would enable SMEs to conduct their feasibility studies and manage their financial resources accordingly.

She also pointed to the importance of enhancing communication and coordination; between the Finance Committee represented by the Chamber and the private sector to exchange new ideas and innovations by SMEs.

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