Madinah Launches Mega Project with 3,700 Housing Units

Madinah Launches Mega Project with 3,700 Housing Units
Madinah Launches Mega Project with 3,700 Housing Units

Madinah's Municipality in western Saudi Arabia said Sunday it has approved a giant real estate project in the form of a residential neighborhood that includes more than 3,728 housing units, such as villas, buildings, mosques, schools and service facilities.

The Municipality didn't disclose the cost of the project; the Ministry of Housing is implementing now in cooperation with the private sector.

It issued a permit to start construction for the project that consists of about 2,962 housing units on a land plot of approximately 740,000 square meters, which will include 766 residential buildings.

Each building has three apartments on separate floors.

According to Madinah Mayor Fahad Albuliheshi; the project falls in line with the joint cooperation among the Municipality; the Housing Ministry branch in Madinah; as well as the Developers Services Center (ETMAM), in partnership with the private sector.

It also provides housing units with different areas and designs that suit all needs, he noted.

The facilities and service locations were carefully selected and distributed to serve the population density. They have been reviewed by architectural engineers, Albuliheshi added.

The project is located in a distinctive location in al-Sakb neighborhood in Madinah. It also comes along King Khalid and Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz streets, he said.

It accommodates about 13,500 people within an integrated environment, a commercial complex; a health center; six schools for boys and girls; a kindergarten as well as seven mosques; the municipal chief also explained.

General Manager at ETMAM Abdulwahab al-Qahtani stressed the strategic role played by the services center; as a government initiative aimed at overcoming the obstacles facing the real estate developers and housing projects.

Qahtani also pointed to the integrated role and fruitful cooperation provided by various government agencies to make the initiative a success.

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