Jeddah Historic District Thrives with Over 2.5 Million Visitors During Ramadan

Jeddah Historic District Thrives with Over 2.5 Million Visitors During Ramadan

The Jeddah Historic District enjoyed a bustling Ramadan season, successfully implementing its service and crowd management plans to welcome a staggering 2.5 million visitors.

Beyond the impressive number of visitors, the district has emerged as a model for sustainable practices, urban development, and maintaining a secure, well-organized, and easily navigable environment.

The seamless operation during Ramadan can be attributed to a robust facilities management and crowd control strategy. A dedicated team of over 830 employees clocked more than 250,000 hours during the holy month, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment.

They utilized an arsenal of over 600 cleaning machines and tools, alongside over 16,000 liters of eco-friendly chemicals. This commitment to hygiene extended to the district's public restrooms, which saw a daily average of 5,000 users, and where water consumption had to be carefully balanced.

Waste management was prioritized. Over 1,900 tons of waste were collected and treated, alongside 70 tons of cardboard boxes, the equivalent of roughly 380,000 waste bags. This impressive feat was accomplished through more than 550 waste transfer operations to designated landfills.

On the safety front, over 1,000 security personnel safeguarded the district, supported by the presence of eight rapid response teams and six ambulances. Additionally, 350 crowd-control organizers strategically managed the flow of visitors at 14 locations. To ensure easy accessibility, 70 golf carts provided transportation to and from parking areas.

The Jeddah Historic District encompasses a 2.5 square kilometer area undergoing a comprehensive revitalization program. This program includes significant infrastructure improvements, building restoration, and a vibrant calendar of cultural events. The aim is to establish the district as a haven for businesses, cultural projects, and entrepreneurs, solidifying its position as a vibrant and welcoming destination for all visitors.