Giordano opens new mega flagship store in Jeddah

Giordano opens new mega flagship store in Jeddah
Giordano opens new mega flagship store in Jeddah

Giordano, the international apparel brand known for its timeless and essential fashion; recently inaugurated their largest flagship store in Saudi Arabia.

The 3,600 square feet store lies in the heart of Jeddah's top tourist shopping destination; Corniche Commercial Center on Dec. 29, 2020. Driven by the commitment to always provide the best shopping experience to customers; and in alignment with the country's Vision 2030.

In a move to reinvent itself, Giordano is showcasing new cutting-edge store designs across the region. The new store has a fresh look, aiming to redefine simplicity while embracing a more classic concept.

Space is maximized for product displays and customer interaction, including larger, more comfortable fitting rooms. Products are also presented in different ways for customers' easy visualization of style. Energy-efficient LED lights enhance the customer experience while minimizing the store's carbon footprint.

"Our customers have been the main focus in the design of our new C.I.M. (Customers In Mind) stores. Giordano also embodies simplicity in design and quality in substance, and we have endeavored to improve our customers' shopping experience; enabling them to mix and match items and avail of excellent quality apparel at great value," also said Ahmedullah Abdul Hadi, chief operating officer, Giordano Saudi Arabia.

Long-term success key

The key to Giordano's long-term success has always been in maintaining its commitment to provide a simple, clean, and comfortable design, quality workmanship, as well as knowledgeable customer service.

Following over 29 years of consistent brand growth, Giordano is aggressively expanding their operations in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. With multiple stores in the pipeline, innovative store designs and a growing customer loyalty, Giordano maintains its powerful presence.

In 2020, 10 new Giordano stores are in Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, as well as Kenya.

"We also pride ourselves on being an international brand and in recognizing the truly dynamic nature of the region, it is essential that Giordano; as a truly customer centric brand, made accessible across all geographies and cultures," said Ishwar Chugani, managing director of Giordano Middle East.

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