German Tourists Laud Saudi Generosity and Cultural Heritage

German Tourists Laud Saudi Generosity and Cultural Heritage

A number of German tourists have expressed their admiration for Saudi hospitality and the generosity of the people in all the regions they have visited, praising the Kingdom’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

 In statements to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) after their visit to the Tabuk Camel Field on Saturday to witness the 2023 Saudi Olympic Camel Cup, the tourists conveyed their excitement.

 "We are absolutely delighted and will leave with a resounding message: 'For those in search of distinctive tourism and exhilarating experiences, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a must-visit destination,'" the tourists said.

 A tourist named Catherine remarked, "The people here are wonderful and friendly. This is a beautiful country brimming with treasures, such as this camel race and ancient castles. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here, and we hope to extend our stay to explore the desert further."

 Martin Krall, another tourist, emphasized that he embarked on a 10-day journey in the Kingdom, starting in Riyadh, then AlUla and Tabuk, and concluding in Jeddah before returning to Germany from Riyadh.

 He emphasized the remarkable and impressive hospitality of the Saudis, noting that the treatment he received and the beauty of the places were both unique and breathtaking.

 Krall also encouraged anyone planning to visit the Kingdom to savor the generous hospitality, the kindness of the people, the rich history, and the breathtaking scenery.

 Another tourist named Wolf Counsell shared his impressions, saying, "This is my first visit to Saudi Arabia, and I am deeply touched by the hospitality and warmth of the people here. Our journey took us from Riyadh to Buraydah, then Hail, followed by AlUla, and today we've reached Tabuk.”

 “I've heard a lot about Saudi Arabia and the kindness of its people, and now I'm here to experience it firsthand, having met many wonderful individuals. When I return home, I'll encourage Germans to visit the Kingdom, meet its friendly people, and discover what makes this land so special,” Counsell said.