EXPRO Ranks Third in the Kingdom for the 'Best Work Environment' in 2023

Saudi Arabia to work only with foreign companies with HQ in Kingdom from 2024
Saudi Arabia to work only with foreign companies with HQ in Kingdom from 2024

The Expenditure and Projects Efficiency Authority (EXPRO) achieved third place across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 'Best Work Environment' accreditation for the year 2023, presented by the 'Great Place to Work' Global Authority on Workplace Culture.

EXPRO received this accreditation for the second year in a row in recognition of its excellence in spreading the culture of the work environment and improving employee experiences, according to a press release from EXPRO.

EXPRO has obtained third place in the competition after conducting opinion polls for all its employees, in addition to providing supporting documents related to EXPRO’s culture and the method followed in EXPRO’s relationship with its employees.

Reem Al-Rehaili, Vice President of Human Capital and Academy at EXPRO, said that achieving third place at the Kingdom level reflects the maturity of the culture of the work environment in EXPRO, which gives great importance to human capital and always seeks to support national cadres in order to enhance their contributions to achieving EXPRO’s objectives and goals.

She added that the authority was able to provide over 500 training opportunities, including training programs, in the Kingdom and abroad, for EXPRO's employees in 2023.

It also contributed to qualifying 47% of EXPRO's employees for professional certificates in the authority's fields and specializations. In addition, over 40 of its employees attended specialized conferences to learn about the best international practices.

Furthermore, EXPRO contributed to training more than 70% of its employees in leadership development programs and executive training programs.

The satisfaction rate with the training programs among EXPRO's employees in the Kingdom and abroad reached 92%.

Al-Ruhaili stated that EXPRO works according to a strategy that focuses on creating an ideal work environment which motivates employees to be creative and enhances their work environment culture to increase productivity and quality, reflecting positively on the EXPRO’s performance.

In the same context, EXPRO obtained a certificate of accreditation from the “Top Employers Institute”, based in Amsterdam, which measures the entities’ level of maturity in human resources practices and policies. This is done through a field visit to EXPRO’s headquarter during which the work mechanism followed in the Authority is reviewed and evaluated, and based on the evaluation, this certificate of accreditation is awarded.

EXPRO obtained the award after evaluation in many areas, including leadership and strategy, organization and environment, talent attraction, development, engagement and rewards, as well as unity and culture. EXPRO has obtained the accreditation in recognition of its excellence at the internal level, ease of procedures and clarity of systems and regulations related to human resources.

EXPRO aims to contribute to achieving spending efficiency and improving the quality of projects, assets, and facilities in government entities. This goes in line with the plans and programs established for Saudi Vision 2030, as well as following up on the implementation of these initiatives and programs with all government entities and activating their mechanisms in various specializations and sectors to keep pace with the aspirations of the wise leadership.