Desert Technologies for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Desert Technologies for the first time in Saudi Arabia
Desert Technologies for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Desert Technologies (DT) firstly launched SAHARA Containerized Solar Generator (CSG); in collaboration with Green Corp Konnection (GCK) to power part of the bivouac in NEOM during the Dakar Rally.

Using 1 small container (20ft), 2 standard containers (40ft), with a power range of 62 kW. The SAHARA CSG, whether in events, military sites, desert camp sites, or even in the most inhospitable locations; is capable of providing 100 % clean energy directly from the sun during the day or through a battery pack during the night.

With its quick and easy installation, the SAHARA is a silently; 24/7 operating compact and portable unit with cost effectivity and minimal maintenance.

SAHARA is an international product, that has been launched in Saudi Arabia; in line with Vision 2030 and the reduction of dependency on oil. The solution is fitted off-grid projects that require a cheaper and sustainable alternatives to diesel generators and other energy sources.

Modular solution

The 40ft SAHARA container can power about 100 households in remote villages in Africa; providing energy day and night to cover the basic needs. The solution is modular and can be sized case by case to meet different demand loads; households, schools, commercial activities.

In addition to saving the environment; the renewable energy industry creates long-term sustainable jobs tailored at the need of the future of the labor market.

According to Khaled Sharbatly, managing partner in Desert Technologies; "There is a bright future for the localized energy industry and can compete globally. The Saudi Vision 2030 is that of $200bn in renewables to build factories and produce around 30 million solar panels in the Kingdom and this could generate more than 100000 jobs."

"DT's integrated approach from inception guaranteed long-term sustainable growth of the industry and to ensure job creation. Creating jobs that did not exist before, would not be created otherwise, and are permanent.

The permanent importation of skills and technology that are new in the region and contribute directly to the creation of a Knowledge based economy," also commented Nour Mousa, CEO of Desert Technologies.

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