City Walk Garden Attracts Visitors to Jeddah Season 2024

City Walk Garden Attracts Visitors to Jeddah Season 2024

City Walk area is witnessing a large turnout of visitors who flock to enjoy various entertainment and tourism experiences, as part of Jeddah Season events 2024.

City Walk Garden is one of the most prominent attractions in the City Walk area, which attracts residents and visitors due to its natural beauty and distinguished location.

The garden is distinguished by its green spaces, wonderful seating, attractive modern design, along with its beautiful natural scenery, such as flowing water, fountains, various trees and flowers.

The garden provides visitors with various services including food and beverage carts, making it unique tourist and entertainment destination for residents and visitors.

City Walk area offers visitors a variety of entertainment activities and events that include motor skill games, arcade experiences, "Cairo Nights" and "China Town", in addition to the widely popular Arabic plays.

The area also offers a group of restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious food and drinks, in addition to shopping stores that provide a distinctive shopping experience.

The Jeddah Season aims, through its activities to enhance local tourism and provide a distinctive entertainment experience for visitors.