Budget targets hiring of 115,000 Saudis in 2021

Budget targets hiring of 115,000 Saudis in 2021

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development revealed that its most prominent targets in the 2021 budget; included seven goals, which included the employment of about 115,000 young Saudi men and women in various sectors; who had not previously entered the labor market or had been out of work for more than three months.

The ministry indicated that it aims to Saudize three professions, namely accounting, engineering, communications and information technology; in addition to bringing out a regulation aimed at organizing self-employment activity and launching a platform for issuing self-employment documents.

The ministry's plan also includes the establishment of an independent and competent national agency in order to lead, operate; and coordinate the non-profit sector in the Kingdom to raise the level of governance and transparency.

There is also a plan to establish and manage an academy to develop administrative leaderships aimed at developing the efficiency of government employees, and later provide its services to the private sector in the Kingdom.

The ministry is also launching a program to qualify the outstanding young Saudi graduates who are unemployed to take up jobs with the government agencies.

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