Aramco shares recover to level before drop in oil price

Aramco declares dividend of $18.8bn to be paid in Q2
Aramco declares dividend of $18.8bn to be paid in Q2

A new report from indicated that the shares in Saudi oil giant Aramco have recovered to levels not seen since early March, becoming the first major oil firm to regain its market value since oil prices fell, according to Bloomberg estimates.

Aramco's stock gained 3.09 percent on Tuesday in Riyadh, but the proportion of its shares trading on the Saudi stock exchange, Tadawul, is much smaller than the volumes and shares of ExxonMobil that change hands every day on the New York Stock Exchange, for example.

The oil price crash in early March dragged down with it the share prices of all major oil companies in the world, as oil glut and the coronavirus pandemic combined to batter global oil demand.

Over the past week, shares in oil majors have been rising in lockstep with rising oil prices, as signs of demand recovery began to emerge not only from China but also from the United States.

Aramco, which has been trading on a stock market since early December 2019, has a much smaller trading volume each day compared to the major international oil companies.

Aramco's average daily traded volume of shares was around $35 million last week and $100 million on Monday. To compare, shares in ExxonMobil traded on Monday were worth $1.4 billion, according to Bloomberg estimates, reported.

Earlier this month, Saudi Aramco reported a net income of $16.66 billion for the first quarter of 2020, down from net earnings of $22.2 billion for Q1 2019, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price dip.

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