3 ways to get tourist visa for Saudi Arabia

Areen's King Abdul-Aziz International Airport
Areen's King Abdul-Aziz International Airport

Saudi Arabia is to begin receiving applications for tourist visas, which were approved Friday.

The validity of the tourist visa, which will be applied for the first time, will be 360 ​​days from the issuance. The stay in Saudi Arabia will be 90 days for each visit, and not more than 180 days during one year.

According to the regulations announced, the tourist can obtain the visa in three ways:

1. Register via the online platform or use visa processing machinesin minutes.

2. Upon arrival at the ports and airports (King Khalid Airport,King Abdul-Aziz Airport, King Fahd Airport, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul-AzizAirport, King Fahd Causeway and Al-Batha Road).

3. Through representatives of Saudi embassies and consulates abroadto the authorized countries.

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