Building Security Fence Around Saudi Arabia’s Epic Entertainment City, Qiddiya

Building Security Fence Around Saudi Arabia's Epic Entertainment City, Qiddiya

Qiddiya has signed a contract with the Saudi Pan Kingdom Company (SAPAC) to build perimeter fencing around its entire premises.

The first layer of security will also enable a slew of construction projects, set to begin this year. This is also to begin bringing in heavy construction machinery and restrict unauthorized access to the site.

“With the signing of this 12-month contract, the first phase of developing Qiddiya’s security protocol has commenced,” said Salman Al-Hubeis, executive director of infrastructure and area development at Qiddiya.

The contract work includes 440,000 sq. meters of site clearing as part of the site preparation process; 20 km of security fencing, and 23 km of cable barriers. Besides, filling 1 million cubic meters of earthworks.

The master plan for Qiddiya, unveiled in 2019, includes the launch of the “Six Flags Qiddiya” design.

Qiddiya’s project also falls 45 kilometers south-west of Riyadh and covers an area of 334 square kilometers.