Border Crossings Ensure Flow of Goods into Saudi Arabia

Border Crossings Ensure Flow of Goods into Saudi Arabia

Public sector agencies in Saudi Arabia revealed high levels of performance and business flow; despite the suspension of work at the headquarters amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Meanwhile, vital tasks are ongoing in the ports, and the government continues monitoring markets and controlling stocks.

It is focusing during this period on the necessity of the flow of goods and services. Besides, the implementation of the procedures taken in these regards.

According to what was disclosed by a number of agencies; Saudi border crossings remain operating around the clock to allow the access of incoming shipments.

Investment authorities also communicate with investors in the country and abroad to ensure business continuity.

Other government agencies stress the importance of using e-platforms to ensure completion of tasks and speed up the process of clearance and import.

Saudi Customs has announced a smooth flow of work during this period, noting that it has cleared over 7,700 consignments worth more than two billion Saudi riyals ($530 million) in two days through 23 land, sea, and air ports.

A total boat size of 400 tons was cleared during the period, it said.

It also announced in a joint statement with the General Authority for Ports that they are working around the clock to receive container ships and goods; in accordance with health safety requirements and preventive measures taken by the Kingdom.

They said they have taken all necessary precautions to sterilize the port and customs facilities and provide staff working with all protection to facilitate the flow of goods and services for the Kingdom’s various cities, safely and securely.

Mitigating negative business impacts

In other news, the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) established a dedicated COVID-19 Response Center (MCRC) to support business continuity. It also mitigate negative business impacts as governments across the world implement measures to combat and limit the pandemic.

The MCRC continues to coordinate with more than 7,000 investors throughout the Kingdom. It also facilitates government support services and advises stakeholders on best practices to approach potential challenges.

It had received more than 1,400 calls and requests in the last five days. While MISA has deployed more than 530 support services for its partners.