Biking contest in Riyadh marks the 90th National Day

Around 30 Saudi Arabian nationals and expats on motorbikes cruised down Riyadh’s roads; in celebration of the Kingdom’s National Day on Wednesday.

The Hawks Riyadh MC, made up of men and women, carried Saudi Arabia’s flag; as they celebrated the Kingdom’s 90th anniversary in their own unique way.

“Due to the changes which happened, of course there’s a difference between each national day every year. We are feeling the change and the new generation, so yes we are celebrating,” Riyadh resident and Saudi Arabian citizen Fatima; told AFP in a video interview.

Rakan, a Saudi Arabian member of the Hawks motorbikes in the Kingdom, said the group chose to ride; as a way to express their love for the country.

“Today we are just expressing our love for our country, so we are celebrating the national day in our own way through making a ride to the beautiful places in Riyadh which are decorated with our [Saudi] flag.”

Celebrations are taking place across Saudi Arabi; including live concerts, air shows, fireworks, and fashion shows. All events took place amid strict coronavirus precautionary measures in an effort; to slow the spread of the virus in the country.