Basmah Alshnaifi.. the first Saudi girl to become champions league mascot

Basmah Alshnaifi.. the first Saudi girl to become champions league mascot

Here’s to more Arab girls appear at global sports events; the 10-year old Basmah Alshnaifi had a head start on being the first ever Saudi girl to become a mascot for a UEFA Champions League game, according to a press release published on MasterCard website.

Alshnaifi who was granted a special gift by MasterCard, the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League since 1994, who allowed her to accompany international football champions like Mohammad Salah, Divock Origi, and Hugo Lloris during the tournament’s final between Liverpool and Tottenham in the Spanish capital of Madrid, as a mascot.

  • Reaching there, Alshnaifi gave way to experience such a once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

Basmah commented on her experience, saying: “I never thought I would ever have such an experience in my life. I have always had the dream to play in a big stadium and today I am present in the UEFA Champions League Final as a player mascot. She also expressed her appreciation to MasterCard: “I want to thank MasterCard for making this happen. This is the best gift I’ve ever received and I will always remember it. Thank you as well to my family and academy for supporting me”.

  • The ten-year old girl Basmah Alshnaifi has become the first Saudi female to be a mascot at a UEFA Champions League game, thanks to MasterCard.

At MasterCard, we are committed to offering cardholders priceless opportunities that allow them to pursue their passions, it’s heartening to see such unbridled enthusiasm for football among young Saudi girls today, and we couldn’t be happier to help make Basmah’s dream a reality,” MasterCard’s General Manager for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, J.K. Khalid, said.

By innovating in the way we engage with consumers, we will continue to bring unique campaigns to the Kingdom that resonate with the people’s passions and make every day digital payments simple, secure and rewarding,” he also added.